I’ve just got back from taking some photos in town. It was kinda slow and the general mood was not as celebratory as it was over December and January. That seems to be a trend. That’s not a good thing, but the real bitter part of the evening was when a guy and his friend jumped into a photo of I was taking of 2 young women and a young man. Continue reading

Crazy random photo mission

Last night I was out doing taking photos as usual when a group asked me to tag along and take photos of them all night. So I did.

I ended up mostly taking photos of a young women and her boyfriend. She had a blast. For the night she was famous I was her photographer. She even had to explain to some people that she was not famous. Although I think the truth was a little difficult for some to comprehend as well. It is rather odd that a stranger would take photos of you all night just because you asked.

I had a lot of fun as well. I took lots of photos. It was very cool to be part of something so spontaneous, fun and unique.

See the comment by ‘Famous Liz’ on my about page

Continue on to see a few photos. Continue reading

Shootin’ Raw

I tried shooting in RAW format again last night. I think the results after processing are much better than shooting in JPEGformat.

Another bonus for using RAW is I can only take about 90 photos, compared to about 400. This means I can’t get completely overwhelmed by taking too many photos. 🙂