I’ve just got back from taking some photos in town. It was kinda slow and the general mood was not as celebratory as it was over December and January. That seems to be a trend. That’s not a good thing, but the real bitter part of the evening was when a guy and his friend jumped into a photo of I was taking of 2 young women and a young man.

The guy grabbed the breasts of the young women and insulted them. I told the guys to get out of the photo, but it was to no avail, and I had to refuse to take the photo. On of the young women was not very impressed with me and said I should have stuck up for her. I looked at her apologetically and said ‘well.. the time has passed’. I could have done better.

I feel bad because I didn’t deal with the situation very well and also because it probably wouldn’t have happen if I hadn’t been there taking photos.

Some good things happened as well. I took a photo for a guy, who will be getting married soon, and his two mates. I also took a photo for a women who was going to be getting married soon. I don’t think they are marrying each other!

I took some photos for a woman and her friends. The woman had had her photos stolen so wanted to get pictures of herself with her friends.

So some good things happened, but I am tired and it’s human nature to focus on the bad. Maybe it will seem better in the morning.


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