Money – Less is more.

Last weekend I tried a new location at the end of ‘His Lordship’s Lane’. It’s a new development and it certainly has a different crowd of people than ‘The Strip’. A tall, thin guy came to see what I was up to. He said he owned one of the bars and would be interested in buying some photos if they were good enough. I explained to him that they weren’t for sale; I just send them to people emails and they don’t go anywhere else. He responded by indicating he thought I was wrong, “Well they are your photos.”

Not too long ago, I had a conversation with a guy who was convinced that I could make $2 a photo. He even asked the people I’d just taken a photo of if they would pay $2. He spent a while trying to convince me I could make money from my photos. I had to agree with him, I could make money, but I choose not to.

I had a thought a while ago. It occurred to me that part of the enjoyment I get from doing this, is that it’s rebellious. It’s a rebellion against ideas. Ideas like ‘There is nothing for free in this world’.

The best part though, the bit that gives me a sly little smile, is that the rebellion is not a fight. It’s not about winning. It’s about not playing a game with rules I don’t like.

Taking the photos gives me a break from the race we all seem to get drawn into. Perhaps it means that I’m giving up some things that would give me a better position in the race, but I’m not playing by those rules, and by my rules, I’m doing just fine.

5 thoughts on “Money – Less is more.

  1. What a beautiful photo you took of my friend and I on Friday night. I have posted this at work (because we work together) and everyone was really impressed with how good we look. So thank you very much for that!!
    But after reading through your website I am humbled by your philosophy of doing this for free. It is only rarely that I am truly surprised by people… and you definately take the cake this year.
    Keep up the good work.
    Tessa Halligan

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