I get to see myself


This photo was taken by Patrick. He is a photojournalist and is going to write a story about me for a magazine. And it will have pictures.

Updated 1 September 2007:

Here’s some more pictures…




2 thoughts on “I get to see myself

  1. What mags it gonna be in?

    You must be like.. a CHCH icon by now!
    It’s so awesome what you do! Cause yeah we totally get enjoyment outta it!

  2. Wow Iain, that’s soooooo awesome. I’m hoping he does the biggest write up ever about you!!! I haven’t seen you since a Friday night back in March I think when you took pics of my two boys and I. You asked permission to put one of the pics of the two boys on your site, did you end up doing that? Well I saw you last sat and you took a pic of me on my mans back, stoked because I’m so over cute couple pics!!!
    I’m real proud of how far you’ve come, your a great guy (like I’ve said in my March/April novel write up :):))
    So keep doing what your doing and I hope to see you out more often.

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