Anna+Samar’s Party Bus Trip

Anna+Samar’s BusTrip 1472, originally uploaded by Iain Fergusson.

I’m busy, so you only get one photo.

It was lots of fun. I had two off-camera flash set-ups. One for on the bus, which was a bit more bullet-proof, and one for inside the pubs. It required a change whenever I got on or off the bus, but it wasn’t a big problem.

The in bus setup was an SB-400 on a TTL cord. Small, light, and there is no auto-focus assist light on the flash, so the on camera assist light is used. This is what I used for the photo above.

Inside setup was SB-800 as master on camera, with SB-600 and Big Bounce diffuser in left hand.

Canta magazine article about me

Canta magazine (the University of Canterbury Student Association magazine) did and article about me!

Iain Fergusson – Nightlife Photographer
by Sebastian Boyle

IT’S 11:15 ON A SATURDAY NIGHT, AND ALREADY IAIN FERGUSSON IS SURROUNDED BY A GAGGLE OF YOUNG WOMEN. They’re calling out his name, insistent, clamouring for his attention – and to give him their contact details. Iain is perhaps not the type of guy you might normally expect to attract such attention. Amiable, undoubtedly, with a quick smile and friendly eyes; but not the conventional model-type or superficial lothario that might usually draw the Shooters-bound crowds. But of course, it’s not that sort of thing that has so enraptured the group around him. It’s his art. Iain Fergusson is a photographer, a street photographer, and in just over three years, he’s taken over 26,500 photos of people enjoying the Christchurch nightlife. And he’s done it all for free.
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