Jane’s 21st Birthday Party

Jane’s 21st was a lot of fun. Angelica was there to assist me by hold an extra external flash. It took a little bit of time to figure out what the best settings were (you can see that in some of the photos), nevertheless it was worth it.

For the photo geeks, I had 3 speedlights: 1 SB-800 on camera as the CLS master, and 2 SB-600s. One in my left hand, which I pointed up and back to bounce of the white ceiling. Angelica held the other SB-600 to get some rim light. My two flashes where TTL (the SB-800 was about -1EV) but Angelica’s was manual because there was a possibility that it would get into the shot and confuse the camera metering, if it was TTL.

I also had a second camera with my 30mm 1.4 lens for candid available light shots.

Jane's 21st 5475

Jane's 21st 5456

Jane's 21st 5439

Jane's 21st 5391

Jane's 21st 5390

Jane's 21st 5364

Jane's 21st 5349

Jane's 21st 5339

Jane's 21st 5291

Jane's 21st 5220

Jane's 21st 5219

Jane's 21st 5020


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