Chasm and Sounds of Vengeance at Al’s Bar

Here are some photos of two Christchurch metal bands, Chasm and Sounds of Vengeance, from a gig at Al’s Bar on the 10th of July.

Sounds of Vengeance
Sounds of Vengeance_01Sounds of Vengeance_02Sounds of Vengeance_04Sounds of Vengeance_05Sounds of Vengeance_06Sounds of Vengeance_07Sounds of Vengeance_08Sounds of Vengeance_09Sounds of Vengeance_10Sounds of Vengeance_11Sounds of Vengeance_03
Chasm at Al's Bar 01Chasm at Al's Bar 02Chasm at Al's Bar 03Chasm at Al's Bar 05Chasm at Al's Bar 06Chasm at Al's Bar 07Chasm at Al's Bar 08Chasm at Al's Bar 09Chasm at Al's Bar 11Chasm at Al's Bar 13Chasm at Al's Bar 14Chasm at Al's Bar 15Chasm at Al's Bar 12

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