Cup Day 2009 update – How to get a badge.

To enter the competition to win me as your personal Cup Day photographer, you need to buy a badge ($10) before 20th October. You can buy one when you see me on the street, or, email me (iain*at* and I will give you my bank account number so you can transfer the money to my account, and then I will send you your badge by good ol’ snail mail.

Cup Day 2009 – update

No photos please. I have my own photographer.

Cup day is not too far away, and you can win me as your personal photographer.

I am ordering 150 badges that say “No photos please. I have my own photographer.” If you buy a badge you can enter the draw to win my services as your photographer for cup day (Tuesday 10th November). One entry per badge. Badges will be $10. I will draw the winner on the 20th of October.

This is going to be fun!

Cup Day Plans

I know Cup Day is ages away, but I am scheming about what to do for it. I thought a raffle, with the prize of me as your photographer for the day, was a splendid idea. Raffles, however, are technically gambling, and have quite strict requirements for anything over $500 turnover. So a raffle is more trouble than it is worth. I’m still thinking about having some kind of competition though. Stay tuned!

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