MAINZ Christchurch Graduation 2014 Photos

CLick here for the photos from MAINZ Christchurch Graduation 2014 .


I’m in Avenues Magazine

Avenues Mag, originally uploaded by Iain Fergusson.

I’m in Avenues Magazine and I even wrote my own blurb (ok, the editor did some magic)!

Iain taught himself photography on the street. In a spontaneous act against boredom, he took his new camera into town late at night to take some long-exposure shots. People on the streets asked him to photograph them and email them the results. That was four years ago. He still likes to take portraits of party-goers, but he has diversified and now takes photos for events, bands, birthdays, and the ocassional fashion shoot, too. By day, Iain is a qualified Audio Engineer. This month, Avenues publishes a sizzling photo Iain took of tango dancers in Christchurch.

Lost my Notebook

I lost my notebook with all my email address on the way home last night. This upset me more than I would have thought it would. I feel bad about not being able to email people their photos.

Sorry to everyone who didn’t get their photo.