Cup Day 2009 – One badge ready to go.

One badge ready to go., originally uploaded by Iain Fergusson.

I’ll have a bunch of these with me when I am out this weekend. If you want one just ask me.They are $10 each. I’m not sure this is the best plan because it might get lost. Anybody got any better ideas for me to get them to you?

Cup Day 2009 – update

No photos please. I have my own photographer.

Cup day is not too far away, and you can win me as your personal photographer.

I am ordering 150 badges that say “No photos please. I have my own photographer.” If you buy a badge you can enter the draw to win my services as your photographer for cup day (Tuesday 10th November). One entry per badge. Badges will be $10. I will draw the winner on the 20th of October.

This is going to be fun!