Money – Less is more.

Last weekend I tried a new location at the end of ‘His Lordship’s Lane’. It’s a new development and it certainly has a different crowd of people than ‘The Strip’. A tall, thin guy came to see what I was up to. He said he owned one of the bars and would be interested in buying some photos if they were good enough. I explained to him that they weren’t for sale; Continue reading

Almost Famous

It’s not uncommon for people yell out and wave hello when I am out taking photos. This afternoon, while I was walking into town, a guy yelled ‘Keep up the good work’ from his van as he drove past. That was kinda nice. I was hoping that without my camera people would not recognise me, but it looks like it is not to be.

Not Much Fun

I spent a good part of last Saturday night’s photo expedition listening to a drunk guy babble incoherently. What I did manage to pick up was that he was not happy with me and wanted to beat me up. And something about Stephen Hawking.

The feel of it has change as well. It’s just not as enjoyable as it was.

I’m thinking of taking a break from it or stopping altogether. I have other things on for the next couple of weekends so I won’t be out taking photos anyway. I don’t know if I will continue after that or not.