Canta magazine article about me

Canta magazine (the University of Canterbury Student Association magazine) did and article about me!

Iain Fergusson – Nightlife Photographer
by Sebastian Boyle

IT’S 11:15 ON A SATURDAY NIGHT, AND ALREADY IAIN FERGUSSON IS SURROUNDED BY A GAGGLE OF YOUNG WOMEN. They’re calling out his name, insistent, clamouring for his attention – and to give him their contact details. Iain is perhaps not the type of guy you might normally expect to attract such attention. Amiable, undoubtedly, with a quick smile and friendly eyes; but not the conventional model-type or superficial lothario that might usually draw the Shooters-bound crowds. But of course, it’s not that sort of thing that has so enraptured the group around him. It’s his art. Iain Fergusson is a photographer, a street photographer, and in just over three years, he’s taken over 26,500 photos of people enjoying the Christchurch nightlife. And he’s done it all for free.
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Who is this guy?

Who is this guy?, originally uploaded by iainisbald.

While I was out on the street taking photos, this guy fired off a couple of quick snaps of me and then ran off. I got one of him, but I have no idea who he is and would like to see the photos he took.

Anybody know who he is?

Update: Tracked him down (thanks for the tips), but he has deleted the photos so he could take photos of more important things. Oh well, you guys will have to come see me in person. 😛